2017 California Restaurant Month
Participation Form


To qualify as a California Restaurant Month (CRM) participant, destination must offer a series of culinary promotions or events during the month of January including:
  • Themed restaurant week/month menus focused on seasonality, local fare or special pricing.
  • Unique culinary experiences such as winemaker, forager or slow food dinners; VIP tours; etc.
  • Food festivals and related ancillary programming.
We also ask our CRM Destination Partners to:
  • Include CRM in your program's marketing and PR efforts
  • Feature the official CRM logo on your event or organization webpage
  • Supply Visit California with 3+ participating restaurant or food photos, and a chef video
  • Dedicated CRM content on VisitCalifornia.com
  • An aggressive paid media plan to leverage CRM & participating destination offerings
  • Targeted PR outreach to national and regional media promoting CRM and encouraging consumers to read about the special offers going on across the state
  • Extensive social media efforts utilizing relevant destination personalities and content
  • A CRM “tool kit” to assist destinations in their efforts to develop, promote and manage their own successful Restaurant Week events
  • A CRM Webinar offering recruiting tips, marketing samples and best practices
  • A dedicated CRM consultant to advise Destination partners

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Additional Opportunities
What 2017 participating restaurant may we utilize for potential CRM media or promotional opportunities?
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What local culinary personality may we utilize for potential CRM media or promotional opportunities?
(Person should be affiliated with your Restaurant Month event—chef, sommelier, restaurateur, forager, winemaker, etc.)
Any previous media experience?
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(broadcast news preferred)
Please submit at least three (3) landscape photos featuring restaurants participating in your program.. Please submit 1 video.
Photos may include restaurant interiors, exteriors, chefs, food or beverages. ***Please include 1) destination, 2) restaurant name, 3) photo description and 4) photographer credit in file name (ex: "LA_ThePalm_Filet_ChrisJones.jpg"). ***
Submit By clicking "Submit," you agree to allow Visit California to include your destination’s program information and assets in the January 2017 California Restaurant Month.

QUESTIONS? For questions regarding California Restaurant Month involvement and programming, please contact Carrie Kommers at restaurantmonth@visitcalifornia.com.